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Additional services for commercial vans

Never be caught off-guard by the setbacks and pitfalls of transporting heavy loads! Always carefully consider purchasing an extra accessory or optional cover from those available.

Our optional covers

Our customers, when booking or when picking up the vehicle, can choose to purchase at their discretion::

  • optional cover for the reduction or elimination of damage and theft penalties;
  • extra accessories and extra services;

Standard protection included with every rental

With Sicily by Car every standard rental includes:

  • civic responsibility;
  • penalty reduction for damages (CDW);
  • theft/fire penalty reduction (TLW).

The reduction of the penalty for damages implies that, in the event of damage to the rental vehicle, the customer is responsible for the payment up to the amount foreseen by the maximum penalty (which varies according to the car) and nothing more.

Case and point, in the event of theft or fire: the customer will never have to pay the full value of the vehicle, only an amount predetermined by our rental conditions remains at their expense.

The customer shall in any case observe a "correct and diligent use" of the vehicle, as well as compliance with road traffic regulations. Otherwise, you will be held responsible for the entire damage.

Our rates also include a third-party liability insurance policy that covers damage to third parties (people, animals or things) while driving.

Let's now see the optional covers in detail. We invite you to always consult our rental conditions before proceeding with the purchase.

Car Protection Plus (SKFP)

The signing of the Car Protection Plus (SKFP) clause reduce damage, theft and fire penalties and decreases the amount of the security deposit to be paid upon vehicle's collection. It does not include damage to: tyres, glass, windows, roof, underbody, mechanical parts and loss of keys.

Pai Plus (PP)

The Pai Plus clause provides for accident cover to the driver within the limits indicated in the rental conditions and also covers damage to: tyres, glass, windows, roof and underbody.

Comparative table

We suggest you subscribe to our optional cover to reduce the damage and theft liability included in each rental. Travel safer! Protected from damage or eventualities not covered by the standard package. Choose from Super Gold Protection (SKFPT), Car Protection Plus (SKFP) and Pai Plus (PP).



Reduces deposit
Reduces damage penalty (CDW)
Reduces theft/fire penalty (TLW)
Covers tyre, glass, roof and undercarriage damage
Driver's accident policy

Road Assistance Plus (RAP)

Do not forget that, in the event of a breakdown or damage that prevents the vehicle from moving, the customer is exempt from the cost of towing only in case of subscription to the Road Assistance Plus (RAP) cover (provided that the need for towing is not caused by event due to willful misconduct or gross negligence). Otherwise, the customer must bear the costs of recovering the vehicle.

Extra accessories

For your car rental in Italy you can find optional extra accessories available in all offices to increase onboard comfort in our vehicles:

  • snow chains;
  • GPS devices.
  • Second Driver. The only driver authorised to drive the car is the rental contract's holder. The Second Driver service allows you to include up to a maximum of 2 additional drivers.
  • Priority service. Customers who wish to avoid queueing at the counter and quickly collect their rental car can opt for the Priority service.

Short-term or monthly rental of car and commercial vans. Book online and pick up your vehicle in one of our offices in all over Italy. Even without a credit card!