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Monthly car rental

With Sicily by Car, there are numerous opportunities for making savings! If your needs are more related to the length of the rental than the kilometres travelled, the monthly rates with limited mileage are ideal for you. Choose from a wide range of cars and take advantage of the monthly promo!

What does the monthly rate include

Monthly rates are limited mileage. The monthly rate applies after 26 days of short-term rental and can be extended up to a maximum of 90 days. Based on your travel needs, you can choose the following included mileage ranges:

  • 1.500 km monthly;
  • 2.500 km monthly;
  • 4.000 km monthly.

The monthly rate may vary according to the season and may not be available in certain periods of the year. You can check if the monthly rate is applicable in the rental period of your interest on our website.

How are the kilometres calculated when the month is divided?

The kilometres included in the rate refer to a period of 30 days. To calculate the kilometres included in a booking, the average of the daily kilometres is estimated and multiplied by the actual number of rented days.

For example, in a booking of 40 days and 1,500 km per month included, you will have an average of 50 kilometres per day (1,500 divided by 30) and the overall threshold will be 2,000 km (50 multiplied by 40 days).

Rate Daily average
1.500 km 50 km
2.500 km 83 km
4.000 km 133 km

Questions and answers

If I have booked for only 30 days, can I extend the duration of the rental?

Upon confirmation, each contract can be extended by contacting our Reservations Office on 800 334440 or by writing to prenotazioni@sbc.it, for up to a maximum of 90 consecutive days at a fixed rate.

What happens if I exceed the included kilometres?

When the km included in the fare offer are exceeded, a supplement will be applied for each excess kilometre. Always check our conditions for details.

Is the rate available throughout Italy?


Can I rent all the cars in the fleet with a monthly fee?

Not all vehicles are available for this rental formula. Make an online quote request to check the models.

Can I rent an electric car for a monthly fee?

Of course, but for these cars, there is only the offer of 1,500km/month. As for short-term rental, the cost of recharging at our stations or in Enel X columns is included in the rental price.

Can I rent a commercial van for a monthly fee?

Of course, even freight vans have dedicated monthly limited mileage rates. For our commercial vehicles, we offer these two fares:

  • 3.000 km per month;
  • 5.000 km per month.

Monthly rates and covers

For rentals at a monthly rate, a credit card in the main driver's name is mandatory to pre-authorise the security deposit.

This rate includes the limitation of financial liabilities in case of damage and theft, however, you always can further reduce them with our optional cover. Our no credit card rate and our Super Gold Protection cover are excluded from monthly rentals.

Agreements with a charge on a single company card

If you have a company or are VAT registered, you can still take advantage of the monthly offer while maintaining the exclusive company benefits on payments and deposits.

The agreement with an on-site debit, lets you and your employees rent without the obligation to present your credit card at the counter and to make several rentals at the same time throughout Italy. Take advantage of all the advantages that Sicily by Car offers to its business customers!

Short-term or monthly rental of car and commercial vans. Book online and pick up your vehicle in one of our offices in all over Italy. Even without a credit card!