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Car fleet with winter tyres

Every year, from the 15th of November until the 15th of April, in different parts of Italy (mainly Northern-Central Italy but also some Central and Southern Italy - including the islands, where stated), vehicles have to be equipped with snow chains or winter tyres.

Discover, our new car fleet equipped with winter tyres!

How to rent it?

Select the vehicle with winter tyres, if available, during the reservation (online or through our app Mysbc). For a safe and comfortable driving, select one from the following categories:

Also find out the car groups with All-Season (M+S) tyres (L group)


During winter, having winter tyres as standard equipment ensures perfect grip even in very cold temperatures. Even in the presence of compact snow on the road surface, winter tires fill the snow grooves, ensuring perfect traction on the ground. Moreover, with deep treads capable of dispersing a greater amount of water, the risk of aquaplaning is significantly reduced, improving driving control.

Do you want to rent a vehicle but it is not equipped with winter tires?

With Sicily by Car, snow chains are already included in the rental rate for all vehicles picked up at the offices directly affected by the Winter Regulation.

Note: according to the directives of some Local Administrations, there may be a requirement for carrying snow chains or winter tires for the use of certain road or highway sections during the winter period. Please read the snow information at the following link.

To learn about Regional Regulations, visit the website www.poliziadistato.it

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